King George International Dil Okulu 2015 Deneyimlerim

Hello! My friends call me Semih or Samy. I’m 24 years old, from Turkey, and an Electrical-Electronic Engineer. I decided to learn English because I had the most common reason that is to improve English skills for the future job opportunities. I had to learn English due to my occupation because the new knowledge, data are in English about engineer, specifically in my job. Therefore first of all I took the ESL course at KGIC Toronto Campus and I’m going to take a IELTS course for preparation of master degree exam.

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to climbing and find out the new places. As you know Canada is the most famous country about that especially Toronto and Canada has many magnificent, worth seeing places that was the one of my reason to come here.

At first, Canadian people are so patient, helpful and friendly even they don’t recognize you. As an example: if they understand you lost your way, doesn’t matter who are you they help you to find your way with enormous smile :)

I’ve lived at KGIC dormitory for 8 months because I wanted to live fantastic time with another country people. I’ve tried many different food Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Brazil, Taiwanese and I also introduced Turkish food them also diffirent cultures. I’ve had great time with my friends at dormitory because we’ve been a family here. When one member dorm is sick, everyone tries to help own cure of method so impossible not to be a good as soon as :) Besides if you stay at dorm, you have change to conversation more than the other students accordingly you can improve your English skills swiftly.

The most important factor is school consequently I’ve chosen KGIC. Even though KGIC has different classes and levels, they have extra class after school also they have many extracurricular activities to enjoy, make friend, and find out Canada. All of my teachers who is kind, genial, cheerful have many different teaching methods and they interested in every single student. For example: one of my teachers and her husband came with us to restaurant, cinema for conversation and they were trying us to feel not to living abroad. Finally about the teachers, the teachers who can see in the picture with me has an effect on my school life that’s why he is the best teacher for me, Babak :) Another important point is the helpful counselor. When I came Toronto my counselor helped me for my every single problem even without school problem for this reason I thank you Mr.O.Kızılkaya. additionally I thank you all KGIC stuff for helping me.

Once for all my advice the person that will come KGIC, I can say: Don’t be shy, try to talk with the all people, challenge yourself..

King George International Dil Okulu Öğrencisi
Toronto, Kanada 2015
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