For 40 years,  Centennial  College has been leading a revolution that has resulted in the staggering growth of applied learning opportunities at the post-secondary level.

As  Ontario's first college, Centennial is continually adapting its program offerings to meet the needs of today's increasingly diverse group of learners. Many of these learners seek shorter, relevant programs that complement their education and experiences they bring from other countries.

After completion of your Centennial program, Centennial graduates can begin their job search with a comprehensive portfolio of on-the-job experience that many employers demand, to go along with their degree - it's a potent combination that companies can't ignore.

You will:

  • receive a Canadian credential (ie. certificate or diploma) 
  • obtain Canadian experience in as little as eight months'
  • become a professional worker in any industry'
  • belong to a college that will help meet the challenges of the global economy'