The Center for English Language Studies






Who is this Program For?
The program is designed for those who want to:
Qualify to study at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada.  
Improve their English language before their next step –
academic or professional – and who want to see positive
results quickly.
Meet English requirements for the workplace, education and
for everyday life.
Have flexibility and active participation in their learning.  

Be able to live at ease in English, with full participation in an

English-speaking environment.

Program Highlights
• Average program length of approximately 375
hours per semester.
• Continuous intake – every three weeks.
• Assessments to ensure correct placement.
• Regular appraisals to measure student progress.
• Three program levels:
o ELL – Level One
o ELL – Level Two
o ELL – Level Three
• A focus on distinct areas of language:
o Speaking, including Pronunciation
o Listening
o Reading
o Writing
• A Recognition of Achievement certificate from
Centennial College upon successful completion of each
Program level.
Program Overview

*All students have the opportunity to take TOEFL preparation classes

and/or toregister to take the TOEFL exam

English Language Learning – Level One

The first level of the ELL Program is for students who have English language
essentials. It builds on existing English language skills - enhancing grammar and
learning the meaning of language used in everyday life.

English Language Learning – Level Two

The second level of the ELL Program is for students who have grasped
the basics of Level One language skills. Level Two focuses on refining
all four language components with an emphasis on natural conversations.
Attention will be given to discussion of current issues in Canadian life and
business. Developing presentations will be an integral part of the level.

English Language Learning – Level Three

The final level of the ELL Program is for students intending to take
post-secondary or post-graduate programs at Centennial College in Toronto,
Canada. It is also for students looking for employment in a company requiring
English language proficiency skills. Students will continue to improve speaking,
listening, reading, and writing skills. Canadian life and business
concepts will also be an integral part of the level.


One of the goals of the English Language Learning Program is to provide a
tailored learning experience for the student based on his/her level of English
proficiency at the start of the program. Students will be asked to take a placement
test to ensure that they are placed at the level where they can benefit most from
their learning experience in the ELL program.
The ELL placement test includes a 10 minute speaking interview, a 60 minute
listening and reading component, and a 30 minute writing assignment.
Depending on the level of expertise in English, a student may be placed in
different skill levels within the ELL Program. For example, a student may be assigned
to Level One Reading/Writing and to Level Two Speaking/Listening.


The cost of a 15-week program is $5,040 CAD, which includes four months
of health insurance. Costs for books and living expenses are extra.